“Santa has been coming to our house for years now to surprise our kids.  He has watched them
grow up - Santa is a tradition for our family.  He pops over every Christmas Eve Eve.  I have a special needs daughter we adopted and a sister who is special needs.  He is so good to them!!!  Thanks Santa for all you have done through the years.  Thanks for your support during cancer, too !!!”

Texarkana, TX   

“I have experienced Santa Claus my entire life, but have never had a better experience than with Texarkana Santa.  He connects with our students and staff, and we all look forward to seeing him each year.  For a moment all stress and worries are forgotten and childhood Christmas memories come alive.”

Texarkana, TX   

"Santa" aka Mark Reed has become a tradition in our home on Christmas Eve!  He is the most professional, kind, and big hearted Santa that there is! He embodies Christmas spirit and every year we are never disappointed!  Our granddaughter watches faithfully all Christmas Eve afternoon for her personal Santa visit.  She talks about it all year from time to time! So memorable indeed!!!! Love Santa Mark❤️❤️❤️!!!”

“My children feel so special every year when Santa drops by the house on his way to deliver all the toys. Mark not only looks like every story book picture of Santa Claus but truly plays the part. We speak every year before he comes and we discuss what my children have done really well and what they need to work on this year. He sits them on his lap and my children's eyes light up and realize that Santa really is watching and mommy isn't making it up. We love our sweet pictures and his visit makes Christmas magical for the adults and children every year.”

Houston, TX   

“I can't say enough about this jolly old Saint Nick!!! He is not only the REAL SANTA on the outside he is more than that on the inside never have I witnessed a person love their job as he does. When I see this Santa it is magical!! It floods my soul and I'm a kid all over again!! I have worked with him as a photographer and when the kids see him the look in their eyes says it all. He has been wonderful to work with. I'm honored. Ps I'll send my list soon“😳

Grapevine, TX   

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